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Founder and Exec. Director of Triple Threat Mentoring PDX, Author, Keynote Speaker, Marriage & Family Therapist, International Speaker, Coach.

Nike’s’ powerful story of transforming her own life from trauma to triumph, from abuse to healing into now leading her own non-profit Triple threat Mentoring PDX is the inspiration behind her relentless mission to teach others that it is possible to change their future. Today, audiences worldwide revere Nike for her mastery of teaching people how to tap into their potential. trust the process and reach their audacious goals.


Nike’s endeavors remain connected to her passion around collaborative communities, education, engaged families and celebrating diversity. As a therapist, she believes that healing and unity can build stronger communities. She is known for her vibrant personality, and 15+ years experiences within Violence Prevention, Government, schools and correctional systems, community leadership and her stand for social justice.


Nike Greene is widely regarded as the go to expert in Coaching, Mental Health and violence reduction strategies.  She uses high energy combined with realistic strategies to draw attention and focus from her audiences.  Audiences love her approaches because they are both practical and obtainable.  Nike has shown that she has high values for service, dedication and above all excellence. “Excellence is a flower waiting to spring forth in our lives”. 


Nike works with government agencies, companies and community based organizations to create strategies that will work best for their respective community to both strengthen and elevate their teams, with the primary focus being “what is it going to take to move us from vision to reality”


Using the premise of “we are each the change that we have been waiting for” Nike guides organizations and communities through some practical, repeatable and sustainable frameworks that show the role they can play in transforming our tomorrow.


No room is left unmoved and no heart is left untouched… Nike… It’s more than her name, it’s her life…

It’s not what people call you, but what you answer to that counts.

Nike Greene

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